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Melanie Story, M.D.
Board Certified in Family Medicine
DPC Coalition National Steering Committee
Pharmacy & Therapeutics KY Advisory Committee

​Louisville Voice Tribune featured
​Louisville Top Doctor multi-year
 Louisville Voice Tribune featured
Today's Woman featured
"Best of Kentuckiana" multi-year
Compassionate Physician Award multi-year
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"Changing Healthcare, Changing Lives"
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Congratulations Dr. Story again named a
​"Top Doc" in Family Medicine in 2019!

What Is Different About Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care  offers patients the full range of comprehensive primary services, including routine care, regular checkups, preventive care, and care coordination in exchange for a flat monthly fee.

                        Direct Primary Care focuses some of the following basic tenants of patient healthcare:
Services  - Time is spent between patient and physician creating a positive relationship between the two that is
                   focused on improving and/or maintaining patient good health.

Patients Are Given Choices - Patients are given the opportunity to select the physician that is right for them both for their
                   medical and financial needs.
Fee-for-Service Healthcare Disappears - A variety of comprehensive services are included with DPC eliminating the
                   traditional medical approach of volume for revenue.
Patients Are Given A  Voice By Their DPC Physician With Regards to Their Healthcare. - DPC physicians are no longer
                  driven by cooperate healthcare to push numbers of patients and procedures through the system.  They are instead
                  given the time and resources needed to see that patients are provided with the most accurate information with
                  regards to costs, care, and quality.
Protection Of The Patient - DPC physicians are continually looking for the best practices, most cost efficient and
                  progression way to meet patients specific medical needs.